Colombia Real Map ATS Demo Official

“Explore the beauty of Colombia in ATS with the Colombia Real Map, featuring a detailed 3:1 scale that allows you to navigate every corner of the country with precision. Immerse yourself in stunning landscapes, from rugged mountains to vibrant cities. Experience the authenticity of Colombian roads, terrain challenges, and cultural diversity at every turn. Get ready for a unique adventure in ATS with the Colombia Real Map!”

Adrian Gomez, Christian Torres, John Gutierrez, Johan Gomez, Fabio Saenz, Chan, Mono, David Gomez


5 thoughts on “Colombia Real Map ATS Demo Official

  1. Where would you put it the map mod load order? Or make a new profile to use it as a standalone?

    1. AdrianGomez

      Please view video, the map is standalone and require New profile

  2. the clue is in the description. 3:1 , ie Stand alone.

  3. I really doubt this map needs to be 8GB, it means it’s twice as bigger as the base game with all the DLCs.
    Also, the only way to buy it is through a facebook page? Really? Smells like fraud.
    And those 8 GB smell like *unwanted scripts*.

  4. Demo and then have to buy it? I don’t have Facebook, so I know I won’t be buying it. And the suspicion by Lexi confirms a “no buy”.

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