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10 thoughts on “Coast to Coast v2.11.10

  1. MANY missing / broken roades – especially in the regions of Lamar and Springfield.

    best regards

  2. Fernando_CS

    It has a problem on Colorado highways in Denver and above in some cities the highway and streets have disappeared

  3. It must be fixed with any fix because after colorado release, SCS updated dlc with some major bug fixes in map so it could happen after this small update that scs released

  4. game crashes before you get to colorado , basicly having to by-pas all of central and northern colorado.

  5. Very good mod and does help to make traveling around the entire USA available. I know we just had another update to Montana Expansion and notes indicated the new changes had been sent to you. When you doing the next update for Coast to Coast could you repair the small error in New Mexico at Raton where HWY 64 is cut off, SCS does not seem to care. Also south of Lamar in CO they cus off 385 going south to OK. Maybe because of rights etc. you cannot do anything and I understand but you seem to be one modder that does very good work and it is appreciated. Thank you

  6. JFreedom

    Several cities in Montana are broken. Game crashed multiple times in Butte and Billings

  7. Wirt die Coast to Coast noch kompatibel gemacht mit der promds canada ?

  8. Has it been upgraded to 1.40 ?

  9. when bring new release and add lot of new and missing detail and fix names for some building what cant find or read for game

  10. Ross Anderson

    Need updated for 1.41 and working.

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