9 thoughts on “Coast to Coast v 2.11.1

  1. Merciless Gamer

    There are a lot of broken roads and I only have C2C and Canadream maps. Both are the latest versions. Any certain order they need to be in? I have Canadream above C2C in my mod order. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Where are the broken roads? Have a notebook handy and as you find them note the location, even the grid coordinates if you can. If you’ve ever watched Mantrid doing the edits/corrections on maps, this info is important so he can work on the right areas. So far I’ve had no problems myself but I’m sure I will as I cover more area on the new update.

  3. Any reason why my game crashes ever time i press the M for map after i leave Fresno ca does it with this Mod. I try game with out this MOD and does not do it.

  4. Kurt Hildebrand

    game crashes entering atlanta from the west.

  5. tim stewart

    alot of broken roads like the guy said..driving then off a cliff u got destroying truck and trailer..great map..jusst please fix the issue..mine was along interstate 40 right by texas stateline

    1. And had he was suggested, learn to read instead of complaining, note down the location and a tad more precise than you did that is like find a needle in a haystack

  6. do you need all dlc for this map working?

  7. Timmehg86

    Hi im running version 2.11 of this and have found a number of broken roads (but im unsure if its this map mod or the other one im running at the same time so im notifying both developers)

    I76 North Platte = Fort Morgan
    I25 Denver = Cheyenne
    R83 McCook = North Platte
    I28 Kansas City = Omaha
    I35 Kansas City = Des Moines
    I80 Iowa City = Chicago

    Thanks heaps for a fantastic mod though!

  8. Game crashes every time you leave Mississippi headed into Louisiana

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