14 thoughts on “Coast to Coast v 2.10

  1. UTAH is necesary???…es necesario tener el ultimo dlc de utah??

  2. cada+vez+que+descargo+este+mapa+le+tengo+que+eliminar+el+archivo:+company.mantrid.sii+y+el+de+cargo.mantrid.sii+

  3. U rock.Wish there was more detail for Ft Lauderdale to Key West tho.

  4. I go to DL the mod on sharemods and you can’t DL it.
    Nothing to click on to get it started.


  6. Tito mapje padá hra

  7. Curious-is there a map expansion like this for ETS2????newest version.

  8. original concrete cowboy

    Every time I attempt to d/l it gets blocked and warning given that it is Malvertising, or “malicious advertising,”

  9. The map crashes everytime I use it.
    Cannot drive on the roadways without it crashing to desktop.

    I awaite your update, that’s compatable with Utah dlcand Version 136.

  10. I love this map extension, i have a request if it is possible in the future to add a town to Oregon, Tillamook Bay, i would love to go there as it is the town on which Arcadia bay from Life is Strange is based and they also have truckers go there during the game.

  11. Vernon Mertens

    There is a bug somewhere in between Idaho Falls, ID and Logan, Utah that continuously crashes the game.

  12. love the map but it crashes everytime i go near Colby? hopefully can be fixed

  13. Every time I try to drive through Utah, the game crashes.
    Every time I go to ANY garage in Utah, it crashes.
    It’s like you forgot to include it in the last update (2.10).
    It needs to be fixed ASAP.

  14. Andrea Russo

    I’m asking for a new map project: Alaska.
    I’d like to create this map and i was thinking that if you want you can help me because I think that you are good with blender and with the editor, aren’t you?
    Contact me if you are interested

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