6 thoughts on “Chrome Trailers Wheels v 2.0

  1. 21 RB not 21 MB :-D

    1. tHANKS!

  2. Thanks but I have a question.
    I have download chrome trailer wheels made by you and it have only a automat file
    date 27-06-2016 .
    this one Chrome Trailers Wheels v 2.0 have only a DEF file .
    witch one do I have to use , or must I use both files ?

    1. .mat files changes by every (not all the time) gameupdate, this is a more easy way to change it…they get chromed andthat’s what we’re looking 4 :)

      1. Thanks for explain

      2. Brandon Hairston

        Hey what do mod creators use to make mods for American truck simulator what programs are they using zmodeler3 or something different to create semi trucks, trailers,design decals and liveries,textures.

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