Caterpillar C Series engines pack for ATS by eelDavidGT v 1.2 (1.39-1.46)

Caterpillar C Series engines & sounds pack for American Truck Simulator

This mod contains the Caterpillar C Series lines, which are:
-C13 of 380 hp
-C15 of 435, 450, 475, 500, 550 and 625 HP King of the Hill
-C15 Pre-Acert 600 hp and C16 Acert of 575, 600 and 675 HP Tuned
-C15 Stock of 375, 475, 500 and 550 HP
-C15 Straight Pipes of 375, 475, 500 and 550 HP
-C18 Marine of 765 and 950 HP Tuned (use for heavy loads)

Available for the following truck modifications:

-AT64F (apli0120/XBS)

-Century/Columbia (Alexander Sentayakov/Schurik43rus)
-Classic XL (BSA)
-Classic XL (Jon-Ruda)
-FLB (Harven)
-FLD (Harven)

-9400i (Slava1)
-9300i Eagle (Panter/Guidot)

-K100 (CyrusTheVyrus/Shaneke Game)
-K100e (Overfloater)
-T600 (FranckPerú)
-T660 (FranckPerú)
-T660 (FranckPerú/Jorge Gamer 444)
-T800 (FranckPerú)
-T800 (GTM)
-W900a (Bigdaddy)
-W900b (GTM)
-W990 (FranckPerú/Harven)
-K200 (RTA)

-379 (Rednek)
-389 v2 (Viper2)


Western Star

v 1.2
-Slight positioning adjustment of exhaust and turbo sound.
-Correction of volume and positioning of the BOV effect in all variants of the mod.
-Renowned sound banks and total reconstruction of the Acert variant.
-Added support for Western Star 57X (SCS).
-Correction of positioning of the turbo some variants.
-Minor fixes in definition files.

NOTE: If you use the old version, it is recommended to change the engine in the workshop before disabling and installing the new version to avoid errors and game crashes.

eelDavidGT, Kapitan Kriechbaum, Odd_Fellow, SCS.


One thought on “Caterpillar C Series engines pack for ATS by eelDavidGT v 1.2 (1.39-1.46)

  1. 500 Magnum

    This pack of CAT engines they sound like great. Worth a download

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