Cat 3406E 2.0


My new Cat 3406E is finished, i’am glad to share it with you today.
It’s a totally new sound.

-A big thanks to my friend Trayscapes for giving me some good idle samples.

The sound pack now is 2.7 version. This new sound is for the W900, Pet 389 by SCS and the T800 by GTMike. A separate mod is for the Vipers 389 as well.

Official topic of this sound mod :



DOWNLOAD 6.2 MB sound for the Vipers 389

9 thoughts on “Cat 3406E 2.0

  1. Some ogg are compressed, there are red lines on gamelog.
    It’s in the file for asphalt, tires and transmissions…

  2. I don’t know how you do it, but #### you’re good at it. Thanks for more awesome sounds Kriechbaum!

  3. Would be nice as hell if SCS would just pay this guy for his sounds and put them into the game so we all could have these awesome engine sounds on TruckersMP too !

  4. Hi its Texas again. I’m still driving and the doubles system sure adds a long time wish come true. The majority of the players don’t really know how busy you used to be,making sounds over the years, but we do! another crowning achievement by the king of simulator sounds I applaud you for making our simulator environment close to perfect. Take care and keep improving on your sound world. Now back to the game

  5. Johnathen

    Awesome stuff best truck sound so far, running it with the T800

  6. Sounds great but the engine break should be louder.

  7. what truck in that video…???if anyone have please give me the link for download…thank’s.

  8. I really like the new 3406E CAT sound a lot. I tried it on the T800 and it sounded great!
    I also like your new C15 CAT engine as well. I’ll keep it on the T800 and use the 3406E on the Pete 389.
    The Detroit engine is good but needs a louder Jake brake.
    I’m very impressed with your work since ATS came out.
    KEEP IT UP!!!!

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