Cargo for Truck Transport Trailers


This mod adding Cargo for Truck Transport Trailers, with another Truck and cabin type like:
kenworth_t680 kenworth_w900 peterbilt_579
The Trailer are available in:
Bushnell,Voltıson,Hms,Plaster Sons,Darchelle,Rail Export.
Trailer is not present in traffic.
Tested version

* Respect the download link *



12 thoughts on “Cargo for Truck Transport Trailers

  1. Trucker_Bob

    thanks Micha-BF3,GhostLord! I always wanted! I even requested it, but know its come through! Awsome!

  2. Nice but turkish trailer (Tirsan)……………………

  3. For these goods need unloading places in autodiler

  4. Only 5 tons?

    1. I modified cargo mass to 18-21 tons using 7z File manager.

      1. Just a quick google search, 18-21 tons is tad on the light side yet. a kenworth k900 can weigh up to about 11 tons just by itself. So 2 of them + trailer, closer to 30 tons would be closer to right, 25-30tons probably be more realistic

        1. Thanks.
          But 18-21 tons is the weight of only trucks. Weight of trailer is defined in other .sii file. And authors define the weight of trailer as 5.6 tons. Therefore, I think modifing the weight of cargo (trucks) to 18-22 tons and the weight of trailer to 8 tons is more realistic.

  5. Lol the trucks on trailer turn on all their lights too. ###!!

    1. The rear blinkers on the trailer are bugged as well, If looking at rear lights left to right as numbers not counting 2 hang off on each side. Being 1,2,3,4 when you hit the right blinker 2,3,4 blink when it should be just 3,4 at most maybe just 4 depends on what dev wanted.

  6. Looks good but as trucks face traffic and all lights are connected, when you signal one way, the trucks signal the other

  7. weight 12125 lb? Funny

  8. Harald-RS

    Where is him the load protection?

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