Canadian Trailer Pack V1.0

Date 2016-03-16 08:49


This is an update to the Groupe Robert trailer pack I released and have now renamed into the Canadian Trailer Pack.

Included Trailers:

Kriska Transport – Red version
SLH Transport
Groupe Robert Transport – Both versions
TransWest Transport – Dark Royal Blue version.

There are three open slots left so expect future releases to this pack. This replaces the stock “box_long” trailers in your game. Compatible with “Trailer Pack ATS Replaces V1.0” However give the Canadian Trailer Pack higher priority.



3 Responses to Canadian Trailer Pack V1.0

  1. SwOrD

    Thx for work Nascar, its fantastic pack….

  2. Mike

    Thank you so much, your work is awesome!

  3. biggyk

    Im using the 670 and with these trailers when I make a turn i get damage as if I was hitting a wall. Im not exactly sure if its the truck or the trailers but together it happens.

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