Canada Cartage Volvo VNL


This is a Canada Cartage Skin for the Volvo VNL 670 by Aradeth.

Requires the
Volvo VNL 670 from Aradeth

*If anyone knows how to get more then one skin to be selectable or loadable for the VNL670, please comment below. In other words, by using this skin, if you have any of my other skins for the VNL670, they will disappear and be replaced by this one.



2 thoughts on “Canada Cartage Volvo VNL

  1. Nice to see local mods. They drive for a warehouse I was employed at.

  2. Jon Waits

    hey perry, Could you make a skin for me if so email me. [email protected] thanks it would be much appreciated.

    Keep up the good work!

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