Blind Mount Visor with stock interior


Replaces the interior model of the Blind Mount Visor to the Standard Sunshield.
Now supports Kenworth W900 only.

Unlock Level: 9

SCS Software, pete379jp


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5 thoughts on “Blind Mount Visor with stock interior

  1. Malte Nejdmyr

    Is this mp compatible?

  2. All these data are OK, visors and more. But no one sees the error in the mirrors at Kenworth W900, which is an integral part of the truck range in the game. If you want to hook the burden of a truck or trailer to park in a certain place, I have to activate the external camera. I have not heard nor saw the driver who parked hiz Kenworth sitting on the same cab.

    1. namelessclone

      You can use the 5th camera for parking/picking up cargo. It doesn’t break immersion too much, provides good visibility behind the tractor, and you can even swing it forward if you need to readjust your parking course.
      (5th camera = ‘5’ on the main keyboard)

  3. Torque Transport

    I agree someone needs to fix the mirrors on this truck and adjust the camera view when you look behind you out the window so we don’t just see the exhaust shield. This visor mod is awesome though, thank you SCS Software, and pete379jp!

  4. +1 on fixing the angle of the mirrors. Great mod thank you!

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