Best Start Save Game (3 in 1) for Last Version

This is a starter save game for ATS beginners (and not). Perfect if you want to play ATS with already a lot of money and all the skills or only with all skills.

– Level 36 [All skill points are maxed]
+NO Money [For anyone who wants to earn money for themselves]
+1 MILLION € [A good compromise for a good start and have money to invest at once]
+1 BILLION € Cash [To buy all you want!!!]
– This savegame DOES NOT require any DLC, you can use it with the basic game [or with any DLC you might have]
– Tested with ATS last version [should work for all versions]
– How to Install:
Just extract the ZIP-file and copy the folder inside to “My Documents/American Truck Simulator/profiles”.
– Enjoy!



3 thoughts on “Best Start Save Game (3 in 1) for Last Version

  1. this is for lazy losers man get a grip

    1. Its actually great for people who have a second profile for mod testing.

    2. DieselHolic

      You’re an ##### Mike. I use these types of profiles because in real life you don’t have to deliver loads to get xp. You have to take a test to get your hazard endorsement, etc. And you don’t have to level to get better fuel economy. You don’t have to level up your long distance skills, real life truckers HAVE to drive long distances. If i wanted to “play a game and level up my character”, i would play an RPG. Understand? I wouldn’t expect you to judging by your ignorant comment.

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