[ATS v1.32] SweetFX + Reshade [win_x64]

– Colors, the picture becomes more realistic. I registered in the shader (s) “Smaa” a resolution of 1920×1080.
– Improved clarity, smoothing, colors, HDR (lowered the glow), bloom (reduces), granularity. The picture becomes without soap film.
– In the game (on, off) mode on the key F12. The “PrtScn” key makes a screenshot, there are screenshots in the folder win_x64.
– Settings in the game: HDR-on; Sunbeams-inc; The rest is off, the screenshot shows!

Change for V1.32.x:

– Configured on a clean profile, on the default card V1.32.x. The monitor and video card, the colors were standard by 50%. The game brightness by default.
– Reconfigured contrast, colors, increased HDR setting, improved shadows, reduced sharpness, reduced pixels, disabled anti-aliasing (I did not see the difference in the new version, but saw an increase in FPS).
– FAQ on installation and configuration in the archive (read).

– All files from the archive are extracted to the folder with the game Ets2 bin win_x64.
– Delete the mod: all the files that are in the archive, from the win_x64 folder are deleted, and it’s better to make a copy of win_x64 before installation.

– Test version: 1.32.x

– Author: ~ Tok ~


DOWNLOAD 3 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 3 MB [Modsbase]

9 thoughts on “[ATS v1.32] SweetFX + Reshade [win_x64]

  1. perfect, thanks!

  2. bizde oyundan atıyor

  3. Great job, works perfectly!

  4. how do u change the buttons

    1. Folder SweetFX \ Global_settings.txt
      Here all the names of the buttons. Change to your own. Done

  5. Hi all,
    awesome job Tok! but unfortunatly doesnt work for me. The only thing i do is to change the command, i replace VK_F12 by VK_BACK cuz F12 is reserved for trackir. Once in game, no effect. Have a clue for this outstanding mod?
    Anyway thanks, Mike.

    1. Thanks Mike. What is the key?

  6. Hi Tok,
    I just change VK_F12 by VK_BACK in global_settings.txt
    i’ll try again, thx for the answer Tok.

  7. XRumerTest

    Hello. And Bye.

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