ATS Traffic Vehicle Definitions 1.41

This Mod includes:
– Unlocked AI vehicles & truck paintwork.
– Real paintwork added to vehicles in traffic. (With name and color like metallic etc.)
– Real gear ratios & gear changes adjusted. (e.g. 6-speed manual or automatic)
– Revised the acceleration of all AI vehicles.
– Real torque (Nm) added to all vehicles.
– Real maximum speeds added for all vehicles.
– The weight of all AI vehicles in traffic has been adjusted to the real weight.
– And much more …

D.B Creation Dev-Team


4 thoughts on “ATS Traffic Vehicle Definitions 1.41

  1. this is not the place to charge people for your mods

  2. Cheek !!! Offer the mod here and then you come to a page where you have to pay for the mod. Then at least write it in the description

  3. I’m glad my Add Blocker blocked their Adds. This is a free mods only website. This mod has probably already been reported to ATSmods.LT & ShareMods too.

  4. The download link just blocks you with ###### stuff. Don’t waste your time.

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