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ATS Real Traffic Density by Cip v1.39.a

Date 2020-10-26 10:40

changelog v.1.39.a
-adaptation to ATS 1.39
-removed slow vehicles from Special transport
-added separate spawn number for divided roads vs freeways
-decreased spawn numbers at night time in cities
-tweaked overall spawn numbers

this mod has been also tested in 1.38 if you did not update yet to 1.39 and want to take advantage on the updates that are not necessarily for 1.39

you will no longer find this mod on SCS forum, neither the ETS2 version. Partial support is granted on Steam, until the problem on SCS forum will be fixed, if will be fixed



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4 Responses to ATS Real Traffic Density by Cip v1.39.a

  1. jugganaut

    cip, good luck with the situation on SCS forum. They would have to admit they are wrong. With those control freaks that’s not going to happen.

  2. With this updated mod on v1.39 textures disappear.

  3. Luciano

    the files: semaphore_profile.sii

    they break my game. They even change the city of Las Vegas.

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