ATS Real Traffic Density by Cip v1.37.c

changelog v1.37.b
-reduced density on merging into motorways, exits and weigh stations
there should be much less queuing traffic in these areas.

if your game crashes at loading this means you have been doing it all wrong this time and had always another mod which changed silently the traffic density in your game.

my traffic mod is a tiny mod changing strictly only density related files and should be always at the very top of your mod list. it will not interfere with any other mod and your game receive the correct density.

for more details please connect to my thread on scs forum:



4 thoughts on “ATS Real Traffic Density by Cip v1.37.c

  1. AldoDwayne

    Bro tu mod funciona bien y me parece genial el cambio que se siente en el juego, pregunta, ¿Me harías un mod a mi y te pagaria tu trabajo o me enseñas a hacer mods y te pago por las clases? Me gustaria saber tu opinión.

    1. gracias! next you need to use google translator! :)))
      unfortunately I won’t have time in the next 2 months since I work on updating sounds for 1.37 but I can recommend Rockero who is also skilled in traffic, also because he is native spanish speaker and can bea easier for you
      you will find him here:

  2. Michael Soto

    Cuando entro a conducir el juego se cierra, lo probe solo con este mod activo y de igual forma se cierra

    1. gamelog? post the link here if I don;t reply here anymore:

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