ATS Fleet Mod v1.0


What’s Included in Version 1


Jim Palmer Trucking livery for Peterbilt 579
Prime Inc livery replaces Oakland Shippers reefer
Jim Palmer Trucking livery replaces Oakland Shippers reefer3000r


Knight Transportation livery for Peterbilt 579
Knight Transportation livery replaces Oakland Shippers box, reefer and reefer3000r


Wisconsin Express Lines livery for Peterbilt 579
Wisconsin Express Lines livery replaces Oakland Shippers reefer and reefer3000r

Please check out the included readme.txt file for installation tips :D

More companies coming soon!


TheTruckGeek, SCS

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10 thoughts on “ATS Fleet Mod v1.0

  1. Maybe you should give credit to me for the Knights an Plamer skins seems they are both mine,you just altered them slightly,everything else matches perfect to my skins that i released a week ago

  2. Good point, sorry about that.

  3. I’ve asked for the mod to be removed as the link should now be dead.

  4. Hi is it possible to fix the WEL skin on the trailer or use a greatdane trailer with skirts on it?

  5. By the way the WEL truck skin looks great!!! Are there plans to put the WEL skin on the T680? Thanks for you time

  6. Just give credit mate you don’t have to remove it,that’s all I ask just a mention in the credits

    1. I’ve already re-done them from scratch ;)

      1. Give the credit to Pauly as it is do. I hate when people steal others word and think it is cool. Pauly put in time and effort into those skins.

  7. Good show TheTruckGeek.
    Thats responsibility. Now if the others would show that, we would be doing great.

    1. Thanks Craig. I completely forgot that I included someone elses skins so I redid them all myself. I’ve recreated them at @thetruckgeek on Twitter if you want them :D

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