ATS Brutal Environment HD + SOUND engine GOLD 2016 1.1.x


Key Aspects of the Brutal environment HD + SOUND engine Gold for ATS 1.1.X version:

Enhanced gaming Experience

01: Faster FPS (10%-20%) than of factory default game
02: Good traffic lifelike, less truck several cars setting.
03: Repaired all light system AI & night lamps, traffic lamps lifelike, skybox, etc…
04: Includes WESTERN STAR 5700 Searching Truck dealer PETERBILT! (credits : Fabio Contier)
05: Includes KENWORTH T800 Searching Truck dealer KENWORTH! (credits : RustyRagdoll)
06: Includes PETERBILT 389 Searching Truck dealer PETERBILT! (credits : dmitry68, Stas556)
08: Includes American Trailers (Black & White) 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100 Tons
09: Includes Pack disks with tires for all Trucks (credits : Anatoly 7469)
10: Running operation without errors and warnings

This ONLY ATS game version 1.1.x!

If usage other mod, may be losing faster FPS, and many other settings which increases playability enhanced gaming experience!

Recommended settings:



DOWNLOAD 67 KB (ATS 121 Million 1.1.x)
DOWNLOAD 1 MB (ATS Adviser 1.1.x)
DOWNLOAD 69 KB (ATS Level44 1.1.x)
DOWNLOAD 1 MB (ATS No Damage 1.1.x)
DOWNLOAD 949 MB (ATS Brutal HD + SOUND Engine 1.1.x)

25 thoughts on “ATS Brutal Environment HD + SOUND engine GOLD 2016 1.1.x

  1. KiLLer Modding

    did you removed the 100T trailers?

  2. Mod does not work, please mod without trucks.

  3. will see I downloading it I love the Brutal Env but that god awful 100T completely unrealistic in US everything exceeding 88 000 lbs needs special permissions form stat to state and thats 40T some states alow gross 134 000lbs on 7 axis I believe you should remove this unrealistic trailers

    1. This is a game. Not life. I think the players like to experiment, play and relax. Original games this not do enter. My brutal engine yes!
      Trailers stay.
      if you bother not using.

      1. that’s a valid point , slightly arrogant but valid !

  4. check this out , a good reference to make it more realistic

  5. no one wants awful trucks and awful trailers for a GRAPHIC mod.

    1. Yes I do. And I’m not nobody.
      And even the thousands of players who download and use the work, and use my engine was also ETS2.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, I love your graphics mod, its amazing, i just don’t like the 100t trailers that come with it.

  6. alanwolf1979

    could we please get this mod without the trucks and trailers for people who play this as a simulator rather than a game. Thank you in advance.

  7. Stewen is so far up his own ### he will not listen to anyone else he will do as he likes as his a arrogant ####.

    1. He is so arrogant, his mod is awful, 100t trailer, awful trucks, 500 gallon fuel tanks, so sad. This is a simulator It’s sad that he makes mods and he thinks he is above everyone.

    2. It’s called American Truck SIMULATOR for a reason.

    3. Zach Martin

      Okay, this guy apparently worked very hard on this and you should respect that; I am a trucker in real life and enjoy this game also; It is never going to be a simulator, being a trucker is completely different; the name is lieing, driving a truck is a lot harder than a video game; until your behind the wheel of a western-star like me; I recommend you quit comparing and leave him alone.

  8. Stewen Now try typing that in some form of English you will lose a lot of the player base on your mood as you’re to stubborn and act like a little spoilt child lol. Really hope you sit there and rage at your screen like that last comment

  9. this mod has got worse with time with the silly trailers and trucks that hardly anyone wants. I think the author just can’t make the graphics mod a single mod as he lost his skill’s to do so

  10. I understand it’s frustrating for SCS Brutal mod that gives free tractors that are not paid and trailers. in addition to correcting errors. Therefore, please do not take this out SCS voices remove it because of the thousands of downloads is different than they are saying.

  11. it was great mode for ETS2 until all of this started specially with ATS well to be honest SCS should do the WEIGHT control more aggressive with huge fines and not be able to be modified , so in this case Brutal and hauling this unrealistic trailers would be of no benefit .And Stewen the games are called EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR and AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR so it is based on REAL fact and world .
    Your ARROGANCE makes you blind Im not using this mod again mostly because of your attitude toward the community , go and play your GAME alone haul 10 000 Ton with 110000 HSP Trucks ..its ###### , no fun and without any reason. Basically you ruin the game with this mode once you ENHANCED it now you ruin it .

    But on creative side if your overblown arrogance allows it you could just add additional mode which would be GRAPHICS and AUDIO only without trucks and trailers ., so the community could choose what ever type of SIMULATOR they would like to play . Realistic or UNREALISTIC ;) ..just a thought !

    1. as I said: no simulator, but the game!
      Brutal 200 km/h in life = 120 km/h
      Brutal 100 tons = to 15-25 tons life
      I do not understand why it is feared parameters? is not realistic … just a number.
      Using these figures seemed brutal to physically be realistic, not in the factory parameters.
      I will not ruin the game but játszhatobbá and enjoyable, funny people to 1-2 in the figures, will be full of pant.

  12. need a translator please I think Stewen is huffing his own farts again

  13. emmanoknickers

    Stewen could easily make this mod for himself and other’s who want his trash trucks an trailers and easy make just a graphic mod but his is just a #### head

  14. i wonder when the next update of this will be out with it’s rubbish trucks and trailers this person who make’s this mod is such crazy with it’s 100000000 billon tone trucks and skins that #### i really can not wait

  15. trucker bill

    God just tried this mod and it is really really terrible did sound good but is really nasty

  16. Te ki a fasz vagy kis köcsög,mert nem Stewen az hétszentség.Még Magyarul sem tudsz,te csicska geci.Megfoglak ip-ről és kapsz egy kis dos-os szeretetcsomagot,te kis buzi.

  17. please just sounds.
    truck and environment and weather

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