3 thoughts on “American Truck Simulator THE BEST CHROME TRAILER DRO VILKINS [ATS 1.40-1.39]

  1. The link leads to a page with the 1.39 download, with a statement that the updates will require a Pa(y)treon account


      Bro if i say work on 1.39 and v1.40 then work update are for addonal parts if u want but trailer are free work for all my followers u can download free will work on 1.39 and on new v1.40 i test on v1.40 because new lighting system looks a lot better Dro Modding are not site from side a lot people know him same as me well he just did not change work on v1.40 like u can see perfect on previous 1.39 to if u have any problem be free to ask nice greetings.

  2. Work on both version page like page guy make to sell some to or if u want adonal parts everything i post its free u not need gave any money u can just donate to guy if u want that it have nice day

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