Alka Customs Trucks W990 v1.0

– 3 Cabins
– 7 Chassis
– Lots of engines
– Custom headlights
– High quality interior
– 10/13/18 speed transmissions
– Many options for tunings

Compatible for 1.49

Alka Customs


5 thoughts on “Alka Customs Trucks W990 v1.0

  1. der letzte mist der download like

  2. Nice work! I have been looking for this truck for a long time. It has a few bugs, but I hope you will improve it. Thanks!

  3. It doesn’t work on 1.49 at all.

  4. ProfessorOP

    @Alka Customs can you please tell which tire/wheel mod us shown in the picture i want to install that

  5. philip berube

    the rear wheel fenders cant be found

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