10 thoughts on “Alcoa Widebase and Michelin XZY3 v 1.0.2

  1. still no scs file .

    1. The game is compatible with zip files…

  2. i dont know what you mean . i have only ever used scs files , quick brief on what to do ?

    1. maarten willem

      put the zip file in the mods folder

    2. RegularJohn53

      The same thing you would do with an scs file.

  3. correct me if im wrong… was not “Smarty” the creator of this mod?

  4. I believe it was Smarty as well. What gives, RBR-DUK?

  5. mr rumsmith

    it would be nice if we had rears to match. or the big singles that are becoming so popular

  6. Deputydawg

    Reported since the person is falsely claiming credit for someone else’s work.

  7. i did that but mines not showing up? is it not compatible with the peterbilt 389 mod maybe?

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