AI Excavator Traffic


Hello to all, please find attached a single AI excavator mod to add a slow moving roadblock to your AI traffic lol
This mod adds 2 variety’s of the MUTT 422 Excavator into traffic.
Warning if you do not wish to encounter a moving tailback caused by a slow moving plant machine (52kph) then this is not the mod for you!
Tested 1.0.0 game version

Author: 1t5_Luc1f3r

DOWNLOAD 16 MB [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 16 MB [Sharemods]

One thought on “AI Excavator Traffic

  1. RoAdRuNnEr

    Why do dont put this Mod as City_Car ? So it is not too see in Express Way´s or Motorways and Drive it only in Towns around….I think that is the better option for all

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