90’s Corporation Truck v2.0f [1.47]

90’s Corporation Truck

Changelog v2.0f
Added a skin for the WIA
Added Moose bumpers for the WIA, WIM and WIL
Adjusted flags and oversize signs for moose bumpers
Added flaps to the moose bumpers on the WIM/WIL
I’ll push out this update tonight, but from here on out I’ll only do updates on Fridays, and if there haven’t been any suggestions/bug fixes, the upload will skip a week until there’s new content. There’s a massive amount of options so far, lets work together to add more!
I’ll leave the old version (2.0e) up for a few days as well just in case there’s bugs in the new version I havn’t spotted

Sold at the dealer of mods;
5 cabs;
6 chassis;
A lot of engines and checkpoints;
Own interiors (a lot);
Own sounds;
Painted + many skins;
A lot of tuning.



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