71 USA Webradio Stations & 4 Police Scanner Stations


71 USA Webradio Stations
4 Police Scanner Stations

Works with all versions of the game (including ETS2)


Unzip the “75_USA_WEBRADIO_STATIONS” winrar file, and put the live_streams.sii into:

Your Documents/American Truck Simulator location. If ask to overwrite say “yes”

IMPORTANT: Always make a back-up from the original live_streams.sii file first!!

(Sorry if your favorite web radio station is not on the list, not all radio stations
using a mp3 link today)

Authors: SCS, FIFM, Arthur Vince NL, Solaris36 & Da Modza (for the awesome Police Dodge mod)


3 thoughts on “71 USA Webradio Stations & 4 Police Scanner Stations

  1. Is there any chance of adding the police scanners to the default SCS file?

  2. Hello,+can+you+fin+this+link+stream+for+put+in+the+radio


  3. Paul Maskell

    Before I download this mod, I’d like to know what radio stations are included within it. Can you you list them?

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