2018 Uncle D CB Chatter

I’ve received tons & tons of requests for new “Uncle D Pre Recorded CB Chatter Mods” for SCS products and I need you drivers to understand it takes months & months to collect usable content and hours of sound editing to get you guys just one decent file so that’s the reason for the delay. Today I release 47 mins of new content for you drivers to enjoy! This one midway had me cracking up and if you know how truckers like to talk on CB’s get ready for this one! As always with my CB chatter mods, WARNING ADULT LANGUAGE!!! these files are not intended for younger SCS drivers or sensitive listeners. This mod is simply a studio edited MP3 file you will place in your SCS “MUSIC” folder not “MOD” folder and play with your in cab radio playlist ok. Other than that enjoy drivers and keep on trucking!

“Uncle D” ;o)
Uncle D Logistics ATS VTC

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2 thoughts on “2018 Uncle D CB Chatter

  1. Unique, fresh mod. Really adds to the immersion and give an overall better feel of the game. Hopefully there will be more versions/variety coming in the future!

  2. Yeah, I was a real CDL driver Jack who always had my CB on so I’m used to hearing all the trash while driving, used to keep me awake. If you search this site you’ll find my older CB Chatter mods. I would love to just crank these out for you drivers but it just takes soooooooooooooooo long to wait on new decent content I don’t have to spend hours editing but I’ll keep em coming Jack best I can but it takes months for new recordings to pop up where I hunt.

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