Trailers & Trailers skins

Trailer Pack Cars v 1.02.00 for ATS

Date 2018-04-27 10:26

Mod of trailers with skins of car brands.
In the package 37 company, 11 cargo and 50 skins on 2 trailers (Box и Reefer):

– Alfa Romeo
– Aston Martin
– Audi
– Belaz
– Bentley
– Bugatti
– Cadillac
– Chevrolet
– Chrysler
– Citroen
– Ferrari
– Fiat
– Ford
– Gaz
– Honda
– Hummer
– Hyundai
– Infiniti
– Izh
– Jaguar
– Kamaz
– Kia
– Lada
– Lamborghini
– Land Rover
– Lexus
– Lotus
– Maserati
– Maz
– Mazda
– Mercedes-Benz
– Mitsubishi
– Moskvich
– Nissan
– Opel
– Pagani
– Peugeot
– Porsche
– Renault
– Rolls-Royce
– Scania
– Skoda
– Subaru
– Suzuki
– Toyota
– Uaz
– Volkswagen
– Volvo
– Zil

Changes in version:
1. All trailers have a renewed registration of cargoes in accordance with the profiles of companies and types of cargo.
2. Added companies from DLC “Arizona” and DLC “New Mexico”.
3. Fixed the geometry of all trailers (replaced “PMD” files).
4. Added to all trailers animation of the hitch.
5. The format of the package version has been changed.

All trailers are autonomous and included in the traffic.

For version 1.31

Authors: SCS, Omenman

When placing the mod on other sites, save the author’s link!
Using skins for other mods is forbidden!


SCS, Omenman


Roadhunter Heavy Transport Pack V5

Date 2018-04-22 23:49

American Truck Simulator 1.31.x.x

Roadhunter Heavy Transport Pack

convert by ManiaX for ATS
some edit from hsolo5978

– cable Simulated
– with Advanced Trailer Coupling
– with Steerable Wheels
– ready for all DLC

63 Standalone Trailer in one Pack Version 5.0

Credits in readme63 folder

Only Low-Loader ( Doll and Faymonville), Long (Broshuis) and Semi-Trailer ( Fliegl, Krone Jumbo )

ENO ENERGY Rotorblatt
Cat Challenger
Claas Jaguar 20000
Doll Vario Leer Transport
Doll Tieflader mit BF3
Doll Vario 4Achs Cat D7H (in 5 colors, red, blue, gray, white, yellow)
Doll Vario mit Fussstrebe
Doll Vario 1Achs Helikopter (in 5 colors, red, blue, gray, white, yellow)
Caterpillar 257 M
Schiffsdiesel – Zubehoer
Schiffsdiesel – Agregat
Leerfahrt Doll Tieflader
Doll Tieflader Leer
Leerruecktransport Doll Vario
Doll Vario Kran
Caterpillar 257 M Big
Liebherr PR 764
Doll Tieflader Rotornabe
Doll Tieflader 2x Rotornabe
Wirtgen Kaltfraese W2100
Doll Vario 3Achs Leer
Doll Vario 3Achs Lift Leer
Doll Vario 3Achs Baucontainer
Doll Vario 3Achs Cat D7H
Cat Gabelstapler
Krone BigPack 1290XC/HDP
Doll Vario Leerruecktransport
Faymonville Schraeglader Leer
Faymo-Multimax m. Bus
Maschienen Fundament Grundplatten
Krone 4Achsen Jumbo
Krone 4Achsen Leerfahrt
Liebherr LTM 1030
Liebherr LTM 1030 Bracht (in 5 colors, red, blue, gray, white, yellow)
Liebherr LTM 1030 Ulferts (in 5 colors, red, blue, gray, white, yellow)
Liebherr LTM 1030 Wasel (in 5 colors, red, blue, gray, white, yellow)
Liebherr LTM 1030 Sarens (in 5 colors, red, blue, gray, white, yellow)
Liebherr LTM 1030 Kran Schatte (in 5 colors, red, blue, gray, white, yellow)
Pfahlgruendungs Ramme
Vattenfall Rotorblatt
Fli_semi 2achs Liebherr L538
Fliegl-Semi 2achs Leer
Fli_semi 2achs Traegerfundament
Fliegl Semi 3x Beton Roehre
Fliegl-Semi Komatsu
Flie_Semi 3achs Liebherr L538
Fliegl-Semi 3achs Leer
Fliegl Semi Windblatt Nabe
Flie_Semi 3achs Traegerfundament
Fliegl-Semi Cistern Container
Fliegl-Semi Krone Ballenpresse
Agricultural tractor ( New Holland, Casei )
Stahl Verbindungs Flansch
Volvo EW230C
E.N.O 82 Maschienenhaus (in 5 colors, red, blue, gray, white, yellow)
E.N.O Maschienenhaus
WKA Maschinenhaus
Big Bell (3Axle Red, 4Axle-red, blue, white, gray and yellow)
Mining Excavator Chassi (in 5 colors, red, blue, gray, white, yellow)
Mining Excavator Arm (in 5 colors, red, blue, gray, white, yellow)
Mining Excavator Duty Bucket (in 5 colors, red, blue, gray, white, yellow)
Monument Tank Tiger
Abriss Bagger

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Roadhunter and many more




Date 2018-04-22 23:47

Updated to 1.31.x
Trailer cables ready!
Reworked models.
Reworked lights.
Added New Mexivo companies.
Revised traffic spawn frequency.

CyrusTheVirus, Siebel3D, MiguelAngel988, Crisan21, invasor



New USA Trailers Pack

Date 2018-04-16 09:23

New USA Trailers pack
Version: 3.1

BigBadWerewolf (new skins, adding cargoes, textures changes, etc.);
FastFox (Bad Dragon skin);
Cyrus TheVirus, David Corley, Solaris36, Stewowe (original “USA Trailers Pack Update 1.3” mod);
MadoYaghi (Utility 3000R Reefer lights, chassis, some other parts);
MSI Habdorn (Midland Gravel Trailers wheels).

New in 3.1:
– Reworked Anti-racism skin;
– Added cables support;
– Added optional files for the censorship of some skins.

Mod adds a large number of new standalone trailers with non-refrigerated cargoes. All trailers support advanced coupling and added in traffic.

Some trailers can be found in certain companies only:
BestBuy – Charged;
Dow Chemical – Chemso;
Kiewit – Coastline Mining;
Meritage Homes – Plaster & Sons;
Cafepress – 42 Print;
UPS – SellGoods;
Walmart – Wallbert;
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – Voltison;
Monsanto – Sunshine Crops;
KraftHeinz – Bushnell Farms;
Schramsberg – Darchelle Uzau;
Without logo – other companies.

Some trailers has only one cargo, but you can find them in different companies:
Pepsi-Cola, Coca-Cola – beverages;
Bad Dragon – Bad dragon sex toys;
Razer – computers;
Bridgestone – tyres;
Puma – clothes;
Lego – toys;
McDonalds, Subway – packaged food;
AMD – electronic components;
Samsung – TVs;
Ashley Furniture – furniture;
Pacific Coast Fruit Company – vegetables.

Other trailers can be found in various companies.

In “Optional files” folder you can find small mods for censoring some skins. These mods change skins to white color like a “Without logo” trailers, Bad Dragon censorship mod removes this trailer from the game. Censorship is available for the following skins: Amnesty International; Anti-racism; Atheism; Bad Dragon; Confederate; LGBT; Legalize; NRA.
Install this mods with a higher priority than the main mod.

Template in archive.

BigBadWerewolf, FastFox, Cyrus TheVirus, David Corley, Solaris36, Stewowe, MadoYaghi, MSI Habdorn


Great Dane 48′ Single, Doubles Trailer ATS 1.30x

Date 2018-04-14 16:23

Compatible and works with ATS 1.30.x

V4.0 of Old Great Dane trailer (Or V3.0 of double Great Dane Trailer).

New things:
-Fixes of all kinds;
-Reworked skin;
-Dolly has lights now;
-Baked textures for the trailers;
-Reworked materials




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