Western Star 5700 [1.6.x]

– Modified whole engine and sound
– CAT, ISX, ISXS sound from Kenworth T908, Kenworth K108, DD60 sound from WS 4900
– Allisson 6-speed transmission added
– 370 HP – 2000 HP only(CAT, ISX), 505 HP, 600 HP, 720 HP (DD60)

– Alcoa Wheels Pack
– Freightliner Style Wheels
– Tires Pack
– Skins Pack

Addapted for 1.27.x Game version

Credits: Fabio contier, Grinder, losevo58


12 thoughts on “Western Star 5700 [1.6.x]

  1. Justadude

    Wake me up when a normal version of this comes out.

  2. Charles Ball

    If this is an ETS2 mod, why is it listed in the ATS mods website?

  3. American Stig

    +1 justadude

  4. losevo58?
    Addapted для 1.27.x версия игры?

  5. Somebody permanently erase this thing from the universe.

  6. RITrucker

    Anyone ever stop to think we just want normal current and classic trucks, with realistic engines, accessories, transmissions and paint schemes, rather than some macho a$$hole with a tiny d*ck machine? Anybody? Anyone at all?

  7. KontiovaaranJuhani

    Please, update Western Star 4800 by RTA-mods and 4900FA for 1.6

  8. how do i get this truck what dealership

    1. Aemrican Trucker

      Peterbilt Dealership listed as the first you’ll see but watch out, it’s only Optimus Prime and no normal version of the real life truck

  9. In keinem Händler zu finden ….

  10. Aemrican Trucker

    Is it even possible for people to make a standard/normal/non-idiotic version of this?!
    Call me when someone makes a normal version of the Western Star 5700

  11. anthony turner

    this truck does not work for 1.31.2

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