Wester Star 5700 Optimus Prime for ATS version 1.3.хх


Fully revised and changed the truck model version ATS 1.3.хх

-Priobretaetsya In the cabin: Peterbilt
-Nelzya Simultaneously use a Freightliner Coronado.
-Propisan Gallery and orders agencies.
-Added Engines of different power and CPR.
-Ustraneny Error compressed ogg files.
-Fixed Mirror.
-Added Otsutstvkyuschie icons when selecting tuning.
-Kolёsa Glow in the dark.


Authors: TLES Games, Fabio Contier, Grinder.
Improvements and changes to the version of the ATS 1.3.хх: losevo58
Manifesto: losevo58



13 thoughts on “Wester Star 5700 Optimus Prime for ATS version 1.3.хх

  1. Dont make that truck like a beast car in mad max. Do it original so we can play

  2. Justadude

    Is there a regular version of this? No offense, but I can’t get myself to use this “Optimus” thing.

  3. great looking show truck :)

  4. is it possible to make just a normal western star truck and not a optimus prime version

  5. Since modeling is complex, I can understand that the author went for adapting the existing model and thank him for putting a significant amount of work into this project – however, I second those who would like a “de-primed” regular Western Star for their fleets. Fantasy trucks are not to everyone’s taste.

    1. you are %1000000 right

  6. BlackWolf

    ATS Mods: Wester Star 5700 Optimus Prime for ATS version 1.3.хх (American Truck Simulator)

    Video: https://youtu.be/BHT1bHPNUFs

  7. Ok, I can understand the complexity of the modeling, but can’t understand why we don’t have and normal engines, only engines of thousand of horse power.
    What would was if we’ve had and 2-3 engines at 450Hp, 500Hp, 550Hp….

  8. renenate12

    lets keep it real , its a real piece of #### :))))

  9. there no optimus prime skin it the truck but the the real skin

  10. Nice work! Can you make a standard WS too?

  11. I download the mod, but i don’t find the Optimus Prime Skin

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