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Trailers Pack by Pinga

Date 2016-02-02 11:23

Container-53 Bau-Cromado Livestock-4-Eixo

3 Trailers edit by Pinga for American Truck Simulator:
– Container 53
– Bau Cromado
– Livestock 4 Eixo

Author: Pinga

DOWNLOAD 22 MB Container 53
DOWNLOAD 18 MB Bau Cromado
DOWNLOAD 24 MB Livestock 4 Eixo

Comments (9)

9 Responses to Trailers Pack by Pinga

  1. Kiwi

    No sure what’s happening but when I install this mod, no trucks have trailers. They are ALL bobtailing. When I remove it, the trailers come back.

  2. kenneth landry

    trailers don’t work at all. wont give me loads with these trailers. yes I have activated them ingame

  3. kenneth landry

    trailers aren’t working. not getting any loads with these trailers. any help greatly appreciated


    Great video using this mod enjoy!!

  5. Bob Bob

    Hooray for Canadian Tire. It crossed my mind as a skin to make but Idk how.

  6. John

    can you make another livestock trailer

  7. April

    Can you help me download this game

  8. Alistair Hipper

    try to download all three mod but no files

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