The Polar Tanker Ownable 1.38

The Polar Tanker Ownable 1.38
I was hoping to make this skinnable, but I could not get it working (which is why I don’t do skins). Instead of waiting until I can figure it out, I decided to post the chrome version now, and once I can get the skins working, I’ll post an update.
jekich1 – Original model, textures and lightmask
KeithD – Converting trailer to ATS, mod file setup and packaging
Beta Testers:
Darren Hilton
Thomas Parham Jr
Tim Sanderson
Tracy Pennock
A special thanx to these real life truckers for their testing and recommendations:
Nate Watkins

jekich1, KeithD


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2 thoughts on “The Polar Tanker Ownable 1.38

  1. Your credits are completely wrong…

  2. pls update for 1.39.x thz…

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