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Rdaiator Springs Map add-on by ETS2-User

Date 2018-03-26 16:13

German and Italian version available in the pack: see description in the mod manager
This mod re-assigns one Kingman company to the real town of Seligman and adds the fictional town of Radiator Springs and Tailfin Pass/Wheel Well Motel from the Disney/Pixar Cars movies on the historic Route 66 between Kingman and Seligman. I’ve tried to combine the most beautiful aspects from the movie scenes together with some fun gameplay elements from the Cars games and some artistic freedom. As I am not a modeller, I had to improvise at some points. Also, please do not try to jump off the cliffs, as they are all equipped with invisible barriers to prevent weird things from happening.

Tested on a clean profile on ATS 1.30 and with Coast to Coast 2.4.1, US Expansion 2.1 and Viva Mexico 2.4.3. It should be compatible with most other map mods as well, but there’s no guarantee. Load above all map mods in the mod manager. DLC New Mexico is required. Due to the high level of detail and the vast sightlines this mod is not suitable for low-end PCs.

ETS2-User (Map, general assembly); SCS Software (assets from ETS2); FLD (prefabs, models, terrain profiles); Vøytek (prefabs); Abraxas (models, sounds); Nico (models); Randy Newman, John Mayer, The Coasters (in game sounds); Mike7O, mads1153, TheClumsyGeek (beta testing)


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8 Responses to Rdaiator Springs Map add-on by ETS2-User

  1. juan solis

    nice map next can you make an offroad map? I think that would be a great project. :D

  2. Can you put this on another download site, Norton won’t let me download it from the site it’s on

  3. Tony.T

    After testing, life could be a dream if we can reach the track circuit on a road. That would be better for a low clearance truck. Same thing about the dusty area on the side of the route 66, it should be flat. At night, that would be cool if neons work in the city like in the movie !

    And why can’t we buy a truck company here ?

  4. I’ll be honest, this is my new favorite ATS map mod, I’d love to see it expanded to include more roads from the old Cars game, but it’s awesome as is too, keep up the great work!

    • Tom

      Though I totally agree with you, I think themovie does not really depict more roads… I’d love a (company) garage in some side street where to park a Mack,

  5. Fantastic T

    Thanks forthe mod. initial Forest is too dense, FPS drops too dramatically. Radeon rx580.
    Good work otherwise considering the limitations (render distance etc)

  6. This is great. One of the best add-ons for ATS in my opinion. If there was a garage I would make it my home base. I use RTA’s payware Mack and there is a Rusteze skin for it . This has to be worked on and added to. Thanks you put a smile on my face.

  7. Topolino

    Very nice map, but… „Rdaiator Springs“? :P

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