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Peterbilt 579 with smoke & AI Traffic

Date 2016-02-16 09:12


This mod modifies the original Peterbilt 579 and adding smoke off all exhausts including traffic IA.

Tested in:

Author: SCS, ETS2MOD

Please respect the copyright and the original download link.



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5 Responses to Peterbilt 579 with smoke & AI Traffic

  1. Filou

    That’s one thing I missed from the 18WoS series. Glad you worked on it!
    Do you plan on doing this for the W900 anytime soon?

  2. Krisis

    Smokeeeee, finally :))))

  3. Raflix

    Is there a possibility to place smoke in another truck? I be interested in this option Peterbilt 589 from Viper2.

  4. Could you make the smoke part of this mod work for all trucks… SCS trucks and mod trucks? Please.

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