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Peterbilt 351/559 1.32.x (Edit)

Date 2018-09-26 23:13

This is a upgrade mod from 1.23 to 1.32x.
Tested on 1.32 and made a cross country run on the C2C map
This is a fun truck to drive. If you enjoy the classics.
After i found out it didnt work on the new update, I went to work.

This truck has its classic Engines.
But i had to add my signature Cat C900 engine (900 hp)
She knows when she has a load on her but she does the job.

Sleeper can be added from the interior section. This contains both 351 and 359 configs.

Original Author: Jawa
Sounds: Kriechbaum
1.32 Edit: Free

*Original Author: Jawa *Sounds: Kriechbaum *1.32 Edit: Free


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4 Responses to Peterbilt 351/559 1.32.x (Edit)

  1. Hope you guys enjoy… Currently looking for some more old truck mods to redo / Fix for 1.32. I also have a new engine that im playing with the torque curve and testing that will be released soon. Happy Truckin !!!!

    • Big Pete379

      Hi ‘FREE’

      Over the years ive been looking to find an update for ETS and a ATS Conversion for the classic mod: Peterbilt 379 Final (keeping the good ol Cummins sound) But i always searched for more addons/more stacks and more lights too add (more slots) aswell as Actual rearwheeldrive (instead of frontwheel drive) and working metallic paintjobs.

      Im hoping you can be of help to update the truck.

      https://ets2.lt/en/peterbilt-379-final/ (that’s the mod i meant)

      Greetz Bjorn aka Big Pete379

  2. Hi guys,
    I love this truck, I hope you will fix the lights and that there will be more slots to add lights stuff in the futur…

  3. Neal

    Hi, any chance of updating to 1.35?

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