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Peterbilt 351

Date 2016-02-07 10:26


Peterbilt 351
– Standalone
– Kenworth Dealer
– More Tuning Parts
– Interior
– Wheels
– Sound (Kriechbaum)
– No painting

Tested 1.0.0 Game Version

JAWA, Stas556


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20 Responses to Peterbilt 351

  1. CrazyBlazeChicken

    Nice :)

  2. theo

    when you enter a garage , game is crashed…

  3. Truck Sim Mods

    Video Review HD: https://youtu.be/9tan3ljvZt4
    Tested on version 0.9 – 1.0.0s

  4. Etny2k

    Crashed and I have this warning: [resource_task] Default temporary buffer is insufficient while reading ‘/vehicle/truck/351/truck.pmg’ with size 32880916

    My fault or yours? Safe or scrap? It could’ve been a crash from my ffb plugin cause I didn’t have fatigue on and was tracking it. But this is the last message in my log before the line


    Will restart one more time with FFB plugin fix and report back after job. It may just be a buggier load screen but still perform right.

  5. stanislav

    Great truck but the prices and lvl needed to access the parts are too unrealistic.
    And can’t edit them because the mod is pass protected :\

  6. WINNER1984

    Test mod: Peterbilt 351 + Interior v 3.0
    HD: 1080P

  7. lelum

    Beautiful model and great sounds! :)) I love oldtimer trucks. Please unlock the file “interior.sii” and “seat.sui” because I want to change the FOV and range of the seat.

  8. felix Borstelmann

    i cant find him at the dealer … any ideas

  9. george

    I cant found this truck I go of the peterbilt shop and this truck is not here

    where I can find this


      at the Kenworth dealer. hahaha. Seriously

      • French Canadian #######

        Dont laugh to hard, the truck spawns at both, and I could only buy it at the kenworth dealer because it crashes my game at the peterbilt dealer


    Great video using the 351 with good driving in HD ENJOY!!

  11. what the password for extract file

  12. Driver080

    Copied into folder but does not appear in mod manager

  13. HP

    This mod is password protected and the game crashed.

  14. 66lwmorgan

    Could you please update this truck for 1.31?

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