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Peterbilt 281-351 MTG v 2.0

Date 2017-11-22 10:18

– Fully autonomous
– Buying in the motor show Peterbilt
– 2 cab variants (with and without sleep)
– Original interior (with and without sleep)
– 8 variants of the chassis
– loads of “mannequins” for a tandem chassis
– total more than 100 elements of external adjustment
– 17 skins (full template for self-tightening the skin)
– 9 upholstery options
– 9 options for inserts on the dashboard and doors
– 12 upholstery options
– 7 variants of floor coverings
– 3 different steering systems
– 14 engines with sound binding
– 8 reducers
– Running inner chamber
– DLC support
– More choice of tuning
– There is a template for skins
List of changes in version 2.0

Added by:
– three dump trucks for the chassis “tandem”.
– Various variations of bifurcations for bumpers and front wings.
– Various rear additional mudguards.
– Two variants of headlights (some with additional adjustment).
– two deflectors on the wings.
– Various options for the shape of the caps for wings and tanks.
– New logo on the grille and side panels.
– A new version of additional mirrors on the hood.
– chrome casting with lanterns on the cabs.
– Two new variants of the stage (tank with steps in color cabins and chrome plated).
– Three protection options and a tool box behind the cab.
– Bumper with the ability to suspend animated circuits.
– Salon with an animated figure of the skeleton.
– DLC in the cabin of the truck.
– Forest trailer with various cargoes.
– trailer trailer type 4 color options and various products.
– Resin with three trailers with different bodies and axles
– (3 axle trailer, average lifting axis).
– Update the registration and correct known errors.
– The second version of the track for work in the company.
– The steering wheel is enlarged, shifted down, control of turn signals.

P / S
1. Archive the “dashboard_color” to replace the color of the lighting devices. to
Replace the color file “Dashboard_color.sui” from the archive “dashboard_color”
For archiving “ETS_Peterbilt_281-351_mTG_2.0_Part1” On the road –
“Def / vehicle / truck / peter281 / interior” to the “interior” folder with
Option “no compression”.

The authors of the mod mo3Del Truck Game (mTG): – JAWA (Maxim Saprykin): 3D model. – Stas556: Conversion to the game, animation. – Kriechbaum: Sounds. – Mikhail Iontsev: Registration of a pack of trailers.


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12 Responses to Peterbilt 281-351 MTG v 2.0

  1. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.29…

  2. Very well done TRUCK !!! THANKS !

  3. old mod from april, nothing chnged

  4. Big Pete379


  5. beautiful mod but outdated… old kriechbaum sounds, almost no suspension physics at all, no high beams, low beams looks unreal. Thanks for sharing!

  6. minoux

    j’ai mis le mods dans le jeux mais je le trouve pas a l’achat je l’ai bien sélectionner au début de jeux mais je comprend pas le chemin de la destination des fichier qui et dans la description

  7. minoux

    j’arrive pas a trouver la camion dans le jeux et je comprend pas le ligne des dossier

  8. Larry

    Please update this truck for v1.31

  9. Mach

    desperaitly needs too be updated to 1.32. The truck is beautiful and the trailers work flawlessly on other tandem truck mods. No mater where you download this version, all the SCS files are corrupted and can not be opened to edit the files with in to fix things like the trailers not showing up in the new versions of ATS and the truck not appearing in dealerships. Although the mod still works great, i would still love to see it updated so that the trailers can be used again and I can buy another truck.

  10. This mod is not FREE. Please support mTG and purchase the real updated version if you like it.

  11. R.K.

    Doesn’t work in 1.38.

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