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Mexssimap SLP v1.6, MEXICO [1.37.x] (April 2020)

Date 2020-04-27 09:41

Mexssimap v1.5 is an addon map for American Truck simulator based in San Luis Potosi state https://goo.gl/maps/sCYUcwQfFtmN3sKt5, which is compatible with Viva México Map v2.5.3 and Reforma México Extremo v2.1.12 and PazzMod 1.2.1



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  1. عدنان

    HD hnvbv. G G vm.tiktok.com vm.tiktok.com

  2. Oswaldo


  3. Jose

    Agregaran Michoacán algún día

  4. L33DW

    I can not pass through the toll booth Durango and other cities around the area.

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