Mack Ultraliner v1.1

Date 2016-08-03 09:01


Mack Ultraliner convert from ETS2

– Find at Kenworth Dealer
– Tuning (Same as ETS2 Version, can add new tuning but red errors in log)
– Correct Sound (not ETS2 Truck sound)
– Corrected data (price, names, etc..)
– Added missing files (.dds/.mat/.tobj)

Tested ATS v1.3.1.1

There are still some small mistakes but nothing major (red/yellow errors in log, sound is not perfect, etc..). Surely fixed in a next Update.

Elaman, Gazila, Fenix, Mahad110


22 Responses to Mack Ultraliner v1.1

  1. SpeedyHaul


  2. Darkster

    No new tuning!??? Bugs not fixed!!??

  3. no advanced coupling and very limited options but still but a bad truck to drive. =)

  4. Sprinklers

    Awesome truck bro very good work more options then it will be perfect thanks for your time

  5. Mahad110

    Yes need to work on this truck but actually i have no more time. I work on the F150 Update. So be patient

  6. Lucky13496

    wipers don’t work :(

  7. paul

    Not a bad truck at all yes needs a little work may be another guy could take it on and fix a few things

  8. Uncle Sam

    Thank you. The rims and tires are bugged though: the original model cannot be replaced and gets messed up as soon as you change anything in the customization menu.

  9. =Gans=

    По любому какой то слитый приват,просто сырой еще.Его до ума до вести и просто ОГОНЬ будет!

  10. SpeedyHaul

    Hey who cares about a FORD this is a MACK LoL I think its a great truck thanks for the work so far, and by random chance the 2nd video we used the same wheels n tires the colored Michelins ! :)

  11. Renato

    Great, keep bringing more MACK trucks to ATS

  12. AIGHT! Thanks man! Truckin GREAT! This is the one I always waited for!

  13. GTHusky

    Very well done. There is only two things this truck could benefit from: Dayton wheels and custom E9 V8 sounds. Other than that, it is wonderful.

  14. RME

    I asked kriechbaum if he could do a sound mod and he said he will see what he can do. I hope he adds his E9 V8 sound.

  15. ken

    Mack Ultraliner needs some tweaks done. The artifacts in the driver side mirror need to be removed, The speedometer and tach need adjusting, the odometer need to show mileage, The wiper’s don’t clean the windshield.

  16. pieter bas

    can you please fix the wipers ?!? , i love this truck . but i can turn the wipers on and they move but the rain is stil on my window

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