Date 2017-02-01 10:43

Buy it at PETERBILT dealership.
Adaptation to 1.5.x ATS game version.
A lot of fixes on 3D model.
Reduced 3D model weight (more FPS).
Added few fenders options.
Added air horns and sounds.
Added few new engines and his sounds.
Added new transmissions options.
New dashboard wood texture.
Fixed analogic clock background.
Fixed left mirror.
More accurate speedometer and tachometer.
New lights (rear LED’S)
Added custom license plate option (edit file “vehicle/truck/custom/”).
Clean gamelog. No warnings.
SiSL Megapack addon available.

Elaman, Gazila, Fenix, Mahad110, Luis Esqueda, Kriechbaum. Updated and upgraded by CyrusTheVirus (1.5.x game version).


8 Responses to MACK ULTRALINER 1.5.x

  1. Hulk

    Video test:

  2. CyrusTheVirus

    Stolen mod.
    Original links:
    Please, use download links from author.
    Thank you.

  3. CyrusTheVirus

    Thank you staff for change links to original.

  4. Truckguy

    Thank you for the truck, but please use sharemods or mediafire to upload to. The sites you are using is hardcore spam central.

  5. Leezy

    .iso, no thanks

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