Mack Titan V3

Date 2018-01-21 21:08

Mack Titan V3 updated for ATS v1.30


– Corrected tires errors
– Corrected wheels errors
– Corrected dashboard errors
– Corrected old animations errors
– Corrected chassis errors
– Corrected all .pmg incorrect version
– Corrected camera errors
– Corrected prices
– Corrected shop icons
– Corrected shadow
– Removed old/unnecessary files
– Added unlock levels
– Added Mammoeth paintjob from Hounddog
– Added Stripe and Tribal paintjob
– Added truck company
– Truck can be found at Peterbilt dealer

Tips :

– Added Mack brand logo but the game show and use Kenworth logo
– There is a problem with wheels, colour disapear sometimes

Mahad110, FRANK_WOT, Андрей Васильев, vitalik062, Kriechbaum


3 Responses to Mack Titan V3


    Nice truck!!! Can you fix the problem with the ui_shadow_6x4.pmd?

  2. karol

    I hope that some fix will come out ?

  3. Mahad110

    Update comin’

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