Mack RS700 Duck [V1.6]

Date 2017-06-26 16:16

Mack rs700 from the movie convoy
-Volvo Dealer
-Painted in metallic



20 Responses to Mack RS700 Duck [V1.6]

  1. Video with this amazing truck:

  2. ken bedard

    this truck needs the Mack V8 engine.


    Where did you get the interior for this mod?

  4. Anon

    No sound to it. Do not download the mod because the truck currently has no sound to it.

  5. charmin

    I cant see it in game.

  6. charmin

    I cant see the Truck ingame

  7. JDog

    Truck crashes my game

  8. JeffJam94

    it works like a charm and i love it.

    but is there going to be a add for interior addons? i’d like a GPS.
    and possibly Sisle’s addons pack compatibility

  9. coma

    That audio for the motor is horrendous.
    It sounds far too digital and fake for such a great truck.

  10. Test Video…

  11. Mach

    This really needs the Mack Maxidyne motor with the 5 speed transmission. They are slow gutless turds but they made amazing torque and could pull anything with the 5 speed. I drive one almost daily for work.

  12. eric

    How do i add a gps?

  13. it+does+not+show+up+in+my+mod+manager+i+have+waited+a+very+long+time+for+a+realistic+Rubberducks+Mack+:(

  14. love the model, HATE the sound… btw works properly in my current version of the game ( Cheers!

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