Mack RS100

Date 2017-06-24 09:32

– Custom Interior
– Addons
– Custom Engines



8 Responses to Mack RS100

  1. Kei

    ETS2 for my game crashes….. please crash fix!!!! so ETS2 1.27.2 all version for crashes fix!

    • you id!ot, this mod for ATS
      and it’s RS700 :) 100 don’t exist…

      • Kei

        yes know! because to crashes my game at ETS2… so Mr.GermanTruck said: i test it but Crash game… and PolishDriverTruck said: Crashes my game at 1.27 64bit.. so test it game truck… please ets2 1.27.2 all version crash game fix!!!!

        • JeffJam94

          its a truck for the game AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR.

          NOT!!!! for euro truck simulator 2.

          those are 2 different games.
          most mods for ATS (AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR) do NOT! work for ETS2 (EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2)

        • Dab Ent.

          @Kei This mod is for ATS [American truck simulator], Not Ets2 [Euro truck simulator 2] this mod will not work in ETS2, if you are assuming this is the rta paid mod its not. If you need Ets2 mods go to not I hope this helps

  2. Amazing work, but i wish we could put paintjobs on it, do you think you could add paintjob compatibility in the next version?

  3. Mach

    I don’t know how much of the modeling you’ve done but if its at all possible, you should add the short nose offset cab. those were designated as U model macks. Everything is the same aside from the cab being pushed over to the left.

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