Mack Pinnacle

Date 2016-12-26 10:50

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Straight from the doghouse, from heavy haul to linehaul, the Mack Pinnacle is the ideal workhorse to get it all done. This mod comes packed with features that can best suit the needs of you as the driver. This mod combines the legendary power and reliability with modern technology and an aerodynamic design. The result is a
workhorse ready to take on any job while making every drop of fuel count.

Packed with features, this truck is aimed at being the perfect cross-country rig for ATS. Some features listed are:

-Chassis options
-Interior options and variants for each cab
-Cab options

More things to find in the readme, but hope you all enjoy this. It’s a constant work in progress but I wanted to get it out by Christmas and let you all have a try at it. And please remember, should you mod it, please keep the credits! I will not permit any other uploading aside from the links provided for better quality assurance. Thanks!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016-2017!


Sib3rius, Corby, Superman, Humster3D, Bora, V2obert, Krechibaum, A.Sneed, Mack Trucks, Deven


50 Responses to Mack Pinnacle

  1. Mitchell

    very nice truck we need more mack in ats

  2. The Next in line

    Thank you! Unfortunately it’s not working for me,I don’t see it in the truck browser. Vanilla v1.5.2.

  3. BS1



  4. Very good mod,exterior is perfect but on the interior you need to work some things:
    -camera view angle is too close to the wheel
    -when headturning the viewangle is bad,exterior mirror is approaching too much
    -dashboard quality is not the best,speedometer and rpm counter are very low quality
    -we need navigation in the dashboard

    Please do not misunderstand my opinion,this is what i think has to be reworked on this mod!
    Thank you for sharing that with us and Merry Christmas!

  5. BS1

    Thank you very much for this Christmas present!
    This is a great mod; and ATS was in need of a Mack for a long time.

    However, there are two things I would love to see changed:
    – a front bumper in truck colour
    – a more classic, wooden, interior textures (photos on the internet). The current ones are a bit bald.
    – FPS isn’t great for me, but that may be also down to my PC


  6. Steve Hollar

    Why do some of you insist on using this piece of crap web site, MediaFire, for you downloads? It never works. All it does is hit you with tons of ads. What a complete piece of sh*t it is. Oh well, would love to try this truck, but, will have to wait for someone to upload it to the many decent download sites out there.

    • Peter Royce Clayton III

      I suppose an ad blocker is completely unknown to you? I never see popups nor ads and many here who utilize atsmods don’t. So let’s chalk this up to your ignorance and lack of computer savvy….

    • Sib3rius

      It’s ungrateful people like you that makes me NOT want to release my work. Be thankful that this Pinnacle did go out. Don’t want to deal with Mediafire? That’s your problem!

      • Peter Royce Clayton III

        @ Sib3rius – I wish this site had a “thumbs up” option because you would have just gotten one.

      • Tom

        Thanks Sib3rius, Couldn’t agree with you more about this demanding prick which surely hasn’t done anything noteworthy in his whole life.

        I like the Mack, thanks for this Christmas present.

    • mediafire works just fine, just have to have brains to download things I guess lol

    • Mediafire works everytime i wanna download, works perfect. Thanks Sib3rius, Corby, Superman, Humster3D, Bora, V2obert, Krechibaum, A.Sneed, Mack Trucks, Deven!!!

  7. scott

    Wipers do not work cleaning off the rain ,other then that the truck is ok.

  8. scott

    Wipers don’t clean off windshield,other then that the truck is ok.

  9. Video with this amazing truck:

  10. Good truck. Only there is no GPS.Thank you for good work!

  11. i+have+a+problem+with+this+truck+:+i+can’t+take+any+trailer,+the+truck+is+not+coupling+with+the+trailer.

  12. Peter Royce Clayton III

    I just made a quick skin for this truck and tried it out and all I can say is this is definitely on the right track. Truck looks great on the outside and there is so much potential. One thing I have to thank you for is creating skin slots so we can quickly save a skin to the truck – that is awesome because I enjoy making skins and many don’t work inside ETS2 Studio for various reasons. And thanks for the template!
    One problem for me was that the windshield wipers are not appearing to clear the windshield from rain. Other than that, I really love this truck and hope you continue to refine it if you get a chance because imo, it is worth it!

  13. Z-379

    It looks great, but I can’t download it because of my net and Mediafire, adblocker enabled and disabled. Just glad to see another truck come to the game. Any chance of this truck being the sister truck to the Vision or are they the same thing?

  14. Rig Stig

    Great truck mod, Mack trucks probably among my favorite. There isnt enough good mack mods out there. Thank you for this mod, cant wait to see what else is coming to this truck and everything that will be added to it in the future. It seems to be pretty stable i have been using it for a little while now with no problems at all, keep up the good work, excited to see what the future will bring to this truck. Hope this gets other people to push out good quality Mack truck mods as well, no enough of them out there

  15. HellYaCanada

    Great running truck that was used on a MAC OS.

    *My steering wheel is not visible, just show’s the dashboard.
    *Windshield wipers move, but do not work to get rid of rain. Which there was something noted in the notes about the wipers.

    *Truck sounds amazing, works well on my system.
    Good work.

  16. Really enjoyed this, made my day to get on and see this available. Only complaint is the wipers like others have said but I love it! Not a big fan of the blue screen as it makes it hard to see the output but not a big deal. Thank you!

  17. tom

    I have a missing texture on the “Pinnacle Wheel” steering wheel. Love the sounds and the transmissions though.
    Suggestion: mount points for lights, horns and a bullbar. Great model overall.


  18. Mack


  19. It’s a great truck for sure, love the looks of it and everything. The interior needs some attention though. As some people said, maybe the option for a GPS and a different dash color. Also the interior cam seems to be messed up.

    Either way, great truck and great job guys!

  20. antoine gendron

    mannnn, I love Mack trucks ! thanks a lots for this one !

  21. Cameron

    One of the best truck mods I’ve seen for a while on ATS. Just some more work and this truck will defiantly be SCS quality. Keep up the good work, I look forward to new updates!

  22. Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  23. B.Ferguson

    Absolutely in love with this truck! Granted it has its small issues but nothing that cant be fixed. Great job to the creators! Thanks for the beautiful truck.

  24. Alexandre Lebrun


  25. Fred gibeault


  26. shaun

    I notice when selecting the other mirror choice with the smaller mirror underneath the main mirror it doesn’t show that when your in cab?

  27. Mack

    Why is my steering wheeel fitting like upside down

  28. Great truck as most above have stated! One issue I have noticed is when you configure it for single drive axel the exhaust stack comes through the hood in front of passengers side windshield. Please don’t stop refining this tractor!!!

  29. Vmax

    Quality mod in beta. Nice work, thank you.

  30. there is a bug with the daycab cabin+short chassis+exhaust pipes

  31. namelessclone

    Great start of a great truck mod! I thoroughly enjoyed driving it during the Grand Gift Delivery 2016 WoT event. There are, of course, still many quirks and tuning bugs to iron out, many tuning options to add, but this initial release still feels solid.

    My personal wishlist priorities:
    1. Actually working wipers someday soon.
    2. A way to fit a GPS navigator, either custom made for this truck or one of the Cabin Accessories windshield options would be great.
    3. In-cabin engine ON/OFF sound equaling the awesome sound in exterior view (I now have to switch to exterior ‘2’ view when I start it up or turn it off ;) )
    4. Classic (separated) mirrors showing up in interior view.
    5. A square-shaped CHU613 model instead of the current CXU613 one (but I understand it’s unlikely to happen, as it’s a different model for you to buy).

    Again, huge thanks for this great initial release of a great truck! And a Happy New Year!

  32. Nice looking truck !! If only someone who knew modding better would take over the 2018 Freightliner Cascadia then that mod would be an awesome truck to drive !! I like this one better though !!

  33. Get a lot of errors from the interior. This only a few from a long list from the log.

    00:03:10.101 : load_unit() – Expected exactly one top-level unit in file (/def/vehicle/truck/pinnacle/interior/midroof.sii), got 2
    00:03:20.093 : [material] Material ‘/model/flare/vehicle_blinker_red_flare.mat’ uses obsolete ‘ambient’ attribute.
    00:03:29.333 : [tobj] Sanitized ‘/vehicle/truck/mack_pinnacle/textures/light_texture.tobj’ functionality – found 0x88, expected 0x01.
    00:03:29.366 : [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/truck/mack_pinnacle/shadow_6x4.tobj” in the read_only mode
    00:03:29.366 : [resource_task] Can not open ‘/vehicle/truck/mack_pinnacle/shadow_6x4.tobj’
    00:03:29.992 : [tobj] Sanitized ‘/vehicle/truck/mack_pinnacle/textures/prepass.tobj’ functionality – found 0x88, expected 0x01.
    00:03:30.060 : [tobj] Sanitized ‘/vehicle/truck/share/stickersca.tobj’ functionality – found 0x88, expected 0x01.
    00:03:30.682 : [model] Unknown look name ‘default’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/mack_pinnacle/interior/ext_interior.pmd’
    00:03:30.902 : [tobj] Sanitized ‘/vehicle/truck/mack_pinnacle/interior/textures/black.tobj’ functionality – found 0x88, expected 0x01.
    00:03:30.958 : [tobj] Sanitized ‘/vehicle/truck/mack_pinnacle/interior/textures/white.tobj’ functionality – found 0x88, expected 0x01.
    00:03:31.010 : [model] Unknown variant name ” on model ‘/vehicle/truck/mack_pinnacle/interior/ext_interior.pmd’
    00:03:31.010 : Falling back to first variant and look for exterior interior model. Expect problems.
    00:03:31.208 : Missing model animation: /vehicle/truck/mack_pinnacle/interior/wipers_st.pma
    00:03:31.234 : [tobj] Sanitized ‘/vehicle/truck/mack_pinnacle/extended_shadow.tobj’ functionality – found 0x88, expected 0x01.

  34. Gabriel

    Hi, i have the 1.3 and the mack doesnt apear in the Peterbit dealer, only apear 5 trucks, and just 5 truck in the dealer, whats wrong? :( the mod does not have any error in the log… No Crash, how can i play with him?

  35. KontiovaaranJuhani

    Maybe you should add new sounds and more engines, like these:

  36. WiredrawnMurder

    Absolutely beautiful truck! Interior needs an optimization though, even my 1070 can only run it at 20-25fps in the desert.

  37. Ryan

    im having a hard time trying to get the file from my files on my computer to the game need help please

  38. hscfan


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