Mack Pinnacle

Date 2017-03-15 10:28

From heavy haul to linehaul, the Mack Pinnacle is the ideal workhorse to get it all done. This mod comes packed with features that can best suit
the needs of you as the driver. This mod combines the legendary power and reliability with modern technology and an aerodynamic design. The result is a
workhorse ready to take on any job while making every drop of fuel count.

Here’s what’s inside:

-Full Sleeper
-Midroof Sleeper
-Flat Top Sleeper

Chassis options range from the city-popular 4×2 to an 8×4 to meet weight requirements. Also has two variants of the the 6×2-4.

Has its own interior for each cab variant!

Has its own sounds! (did some personal recording at the dealership along with combined SCS sounds)

Has its own template!

Here’s what to know…

Some new updates for Version 2.
-Lots of interior fixes (wipers work too!)
-Sound tweaks
-Improvements to chassis and cabin model
-Lightmask improvements
-Fixed collisions
-Template remains unchanged
-Exterior wipers still don’t wanna cooperate -_-
-Added some additional accessories (it has a freakin’ GPS)
-Fixed that pesky wheel issue when selecting accessories and wheels go back to default
-Cash this truck in truck browser, howbout dah?

Updates as of Version 2.5
-Re-made the emissions components for a better look
-Fuel tank cap wasn’t at the end of the tank, fixed that for added realism
-Added another variant of the sideskirt
-Short exhaust stack for daycab
-Improved driver plates
-Fixed missing license plates for the bumper


Sib3rius – Conversion, AO Bake, Rigging, Animations, Overall Assembly
Corby – Extreme Trucker parts
Bora – Volvo Parts off Volvo VNL670
Superman – Sleepers, Overall Assembly, Various Parts
V2obert – Engines and Transmissions
A.Sneed – Textures, add-ons
Deven – Skins!
Dcving – Headache racks
Mack Trucks – Description
TEC Leasing (big thanks!)
Solaris36 – License Plates

More updates to follow… so stay tuned.

DOWNLOAD 100 MB [Mirror]

16 Responses to Mack Pinnacle

  1. GameplayHD2015

    Video with this amazing mod:


    Is it 1.6 compatible?

  3. People, please note, there are 13 company skins for the daycab! If lines on the passenger side behind the door are crooked, then it needs the roof deflector!

  4. Sib3rius

    Yes, it works with 1.6. :) forgot to mention that!

  5. Gabriel Alejandro Morales Flores

    Can u upload it to another server like Mediafire or Mega? Sharemods is a shit, download at 7 kbps/Seg, Not recommend at all

  6. Gabriel Morales

    Were to buy? im in Peterblit and is not there, im using 1.5.2 ATS.. Ty

  7. Nascar_Perry


  8. Hate the new update

    i extracted it and it said there was a error

  9. Pro Mack

    Works great with 1.6 and only needs 3 more improvements including missing gauges + left body work that you can see through holes in the rivets + you can see open areas around the mirrors. Other than that this MACK Pinnacle is the best truck for professional ATS simulation use but keep it plain without too many modifications.

    Thanks for everything!
    *waiting a long time on new update

  10. Kei

    please make it for ETS2 1.27.2!

  11. jorgent97


  12. Mike Young

    Crashing for me on (64-bit) when try to build a truck. Not right away, and on various items, like Color or Accessories.

  13. panda food


  14. Freddy Jimmink

    For Robert Modjeski,

    Why should i release this crap?

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