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Kenworth K100-E v1.3

Date 2020-10-11 19:14

1.1 change notes:
– Replaced models for all cab exteriors, aero-kits, visors, plastic bumper, sideskirts. Basically, rebuilt half the mod.
– New accessories: bug screen, winterfronts and tank-end covers.
– Added non-painted plastic bumper & sideskirt variant.
– New chassis variant with 2 tanks per side, minor edits for all other chassis.
– Removed cab suspension. Long story short, this means there’s no longer a need for a custom license plate.
– Added collision for the ladders. (None for the Euro ladder)

1.2 change notes:
– added 2 marker light add-ons
– Re-textured grille, exhausts & air ducts.
– Replaced sounds with SCS W900 sounds, for 1.37 compatibility.

1.2.1 change notes:
– adaptation for ATS 1.39



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10 Responses to Kenworth K100-E v1.3

  1. Bungie247

    Crashes my V1.39. I don’t think this is an official version from Mr Overfloater. I recommend avoiding this mod.

  2. It’s way to dang early to be updating mods for 1.39.

  3. rico gilbert

    truck from old version must be sold

  4. Randy Wolkens

    ### is up with the watermark on the windshield suggesting full version on forums??? Full version is currently incompatible with 1.39, which is why I assumed this was an update for. How the hell do I get rid of that without the full version???

  5. Wesleyabuct

    Вместе подумаем, как Вам сэкономить. Производим сварочную технику для дома, мастерских, заводов в промышленных масштабах


  6. Gogua

    Modmakers never update their mods to beta-branch patches version of ATS\ETS 2. This mod is a fake.

  7. dan

    Only problem with this truck is having “Get Full Version at SCS Forum” written on windshield. It’s in the way and should be removed.

  8. Henley Corbett

    Are you really that dense, Dan?

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