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Freightliner FLC Flattop

Date 2017-05-02 20:07

Find in Kenworth
Tested on 1.5, 1.6



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10 Responses to Freightliner FLC Flattop

  1. Anon

    Download link doesn’t work.

  2. jamesx066

    beautiful truck, sadly makes my game crash in the pause menu. Any help????

  3. Remake

    This truck needs a lot of work
    Head is outside the roof sitting way to high
    the engines do not have sound

    1 Star out of 5

  4. Anon2

    Truck is trash. Not worth the download. It’s a crappy rip off of the Classic XL and done poorly.

  5. GameplayHD2015

    Video with this truck:


  6. Drkushington

    In Reality this truck is a little poorly done and needs to figure out whats wrong with the accessories, but everything worked for me and it didn’t crash. I would like to point out it has many errors and warnings. I like the truck overall it is a nice change up. Please make the interior correct to the cab. Finally I would like to say thank you for this truck what the nay Sayers, say and keep on updating.

  7. Kei

    Please more for ETS2 v1.27.2.3s and 2.4s!

  8. Please+update+this+mod?

  9. benjani223

    I can not find it at kenworth, in any deale

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