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Ford F150 SVT Raptor v 1.3

Date 2016-02-12 20:38


Mod converted from ETS2

Original authors made this mod for ETS2 so i make it compatible with ATS.

– Standalone
– Find at Kenworth Dealer
– Tuning parts
– Tested ATS v1.0

Version 1.3:
* Complete new sound
* Removed unnecessary files
* Little corrections

Compressed with Winrar 5.10 so u need it to unrar.

Thx for all modders, SCS forum and Solutech to make this mod real.

Authors: Crazy Squirrel, FH, Elaman, Mahad110


Comments (17)

17 Responses to Ford F150 SVT Raptor v 1.3

  1. Chaika

    Can you make the gears longer so i can go faster than 90. Im pretty sure it can go like 130

  2. Jeff

    Too bad handling.

  3. Doesn’t not appear to be a valid file in Winzip and 7z. Thanks anyway…

  4. A

    can you make it able to tow some trailers

  5. Cotoski_BR

    I had a issue with another mod. Brutal Enviroment….make it without any sound….it can be fixed or I have to choose what best mod is?
    By the way, amazing mod!
    Keep the good work.

    Respect from Brazil.

  6. Works great for me
    I’m driving it on the ATS Offroad map and it drives well on thoses roads,
    Also I do some Baja races with it :D

    The sound seem to be really loud but it’s fine

  7. Renegade

    The gas runs out to quickly

  8. SnoMann72

    The only issue I noticed with this mod is the engine sound is way too loud. In a real Ford F150, the engine is alot quieter. I have friends who have those types of trucks.

  9. need update for this ! its good..

  10. can you lower the speed ? its very fast

  11. Eygeny

    Huge rosba to authors, you couldn’t add less powerful engine to 200 h.p.

  12. Mahad110

    Correction based on real specifications.

    New update comin’ in few days.

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