FS19 mods

Ford 9000 LT

Date 2017-07-06 08:41

Kentworth dealer
Some engines
Tested 1.6



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12 Responses to Ford 9000 LT

  1. ugly sh!t from 3 Nov 2016
    interior from russian ZIL :))

  2. @Kei – Yes it does work fine.

    HD Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdyydrYH8To

    Very nice model and sounds, dislike the reversing sound though.

  3. Lematheu


  4. наемник67


  5. Tubbs20

    Why does this truck have such a strange backing sound?

  6. luis hernandez

    como activa el mod y en que concesionario esta

  7. JohnLee

    … rebuild RAMI?…. :D

  8. Barney

    What are the keys for the truck. I try back it up hook on the trailer it would not work. I try it 3x no luck. And need change the backup beeper.

  9. raulito

    can someone please update this truck please. it’s not popping up on my game please, someone?

  10. shadow trucking

    Does this truck work on 1.37

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