FS19 mods

Ford 9000 LT

Date 2017-07-06 08:41

Kentworth dealer
Some engines
Tested 1.6



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11 Responses to Ford 9000 LT

  1. ugly sh!t from 3 Nov 2016
    interior from russian ZIL :))

  2. @Kei – Yes it does work fine.

    HD Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdyydrYH8To

    Very nice model and sounds, dislike the reversing sound though.

  3. Lematheu


  4. наемник67


  5. Tubbs20

    Why does this truck have such a strange backing sound?

  6. luis hernandez

    como activa el mod y en que concesionario esta

  7. JohnLee

    … rebuild RAMI?…. :D

  8. Barney

    What are the keys for the truck. I try back it up hook on the trailer it would not work. I try it 3x no luck. And need change the backup beeper.

  9. raulito

    can someone please update this truck please. it’s not popping up on my game please, someone?

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