Coast to Coast v 1.8


This update adds the remainder of the Northern States, with cities in each.

Post any issues at

Author: Mantrid


71 thoughts on “Coast to Coast v 1.8

  1. Thanks Mantrid for your hard work

  2. Mantrid Thanks adding my home town in NewYork akk Rochester

  3. Where is that truckstop?

    1. Near the Iowa80 off I80 outside Des Moines Iowa

  4. Map Glitch on I-40 @ Weigh Station in California

  5. Карта отличная,автор продолжай работать над ней,не забрасывай…это самая лучшая модовая карта на данный момент!

  6. и да…трак стапов больше надо,а ещё лучше заменить бы все дефолтные…

  7. juan solis

    Where is the Pilot truck stop on the map?

  8. The truck stop is on the I-80, West of Chicago

    1. r there more of them? or is that it?

    2. juan solis

      okay cool thx

  9. Hi Mantrid, thanks for your great work, it’s great…
    I found two glitches so far, Spokane and Billings workshops are unreachable… I will tell you if I find any other issue…
    Thanks again…

  10. I forgot, I wonder how to get to Canada and Mexico, no roads are connecting ….
    Cheers … !!

  11. Is that a proper truck stop I see? Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks.

  12. my game crashes.

  13. thk a lot for doing game dev jobs…….by finishing the game.Great Job Sir I love it

  14. Mr. NoBody

    OK! I made it to Norfork, VA and all my mods are running!!! over 3000 and 2 jobs I love it! I think it’s solid!

    The States I’ve been driving thropugh are as follows:
    New Mexico
    West Virgina

  15. i+put+this+into+my+mods+ran+the+game+and+looked+in+mod+manger+its+not+there

    1. make sure the .scs file is in your mod folder then maybe that might help you then if the download file is already .scs just copy it to your mod folder then then it will be in there

      1. its still not there

  16. Tom from Germany

    the game crashed when i driving from Stockton to San Raffael.
    There is no street that i can drive

  17. I found a tiny invisible wall on the side of the road at the north of Amarillo

  18. Mantrid !!!!! I would like you to consider adding rest areas along major highways and visitor/welcome centers as you cross state lines in the future. You do very good work and its very much appreciated. I don’t know how hard it will be to do this “but adding weigh stations at state lines would be amazing as well. But those are just ideas

  19. Wim Frencken

    crashing, werthless

  20. AMAZING!!!! please only ad more bad roads, bumps and jumps,sometimes is bored to drive always in a plain flawless condition asphalt surface…

  21. Game won’t even load, crashed immediately with ‘Fatal Error’ message.

  22. CudaLuDa Gaming HD

    American Truck Simulator # Modvorstellung Coast to Coast Map 1.8 by Mantrid

  23. test your sh.t man

  24. JCR Gaming

    Only problem for me was that I fell through the map at a drop off point and had to be “towed” to the nearest garage to reset my truck and trailer.

  25. Avery Gage


  26. If you are having problems you need to be more specific. Saying the game crashes etc tells me nothing, therefore I can’t do anything about it.
    I need to know what other mods you are using, exactly where you were and any errors from the game.log

  27. Can you please put Winston-Salem And US-52.

  28. Female Trucker

    Hi Mantrid.
    Great Map, Thankyou.:) Is there anyway you vcan make a fix to be comaptible with the new MHA Pro Map 1.3.2 please?

  29. Объясните мне пожалуйста, почему невозможно поменять номерные таблички для каждого штата на родные? В каждом штате, даже в Канаде сплошь и рядом Калифорния. При попытке замены вылезает красная надпись об ошибке закгрузки.
    Пожалуйста, скажите как исправить без применения сторонних модов?
    Я бы хотел видеть в каждом штате родные таблички, но не Калифорнию в каждом штате.

  30. I can’t get this to work at all :(

    1. I need more information, or I can’t help you.

      1. Yes sorry Mantrid…I had 1.7.2, Mexuscan 1.8 working with version 1.3.1 of the game, but adding CtoC 1.8 just had everything crashing.
        I tried removing other mods (only use your map mods) and different combinations, but nothing worked.
        I did still have CtoC v1.2. on too because the other maps never seemed to work without it, but don’t know if I’m supposed to remove the old mods when adding new ones?

        1. Update – I’ve removed all mods, and then added only CtoC 1.8 and the new Mexuscan 1.9…finally got it to load and so far have only bobtailed from Yellowknife to Fairbanks, but all seems good so far :)

  31. i put this mod on and i load up and i fall though the ground

  32. Nice+map+mantrid.+



  33. slicker4356

    Hi Mantrid,
    Thank You for the new update. As I was going east on 40 towards Albuquerque just as you come up on the Truck Stop in the passing lane I found a invisible wall doing 65 mph. Got lucky no damage to the load.

  34. I don’t have a any jobs in the modded area? Am I missing a mod for it? Running most recent ats update, coast to coast, and mexuscan.

  35. The game crashed for me right as I was getting to Boston, shortly after coming off the on ramp headed in.

  36. Their is a Collision in the Spokane Repair Shop can’t exit/enter it… any hotfix for this?

  37. Wim Frencken

    after visiting the dealer for repairs in Spokane, the exit has blocked and can’t continue
    Please fix it

  38. Is this compatible with MHA 1.3?

    1. Ishraq Rahman


  39. Oscar de Wyldde

    Please could you consider placing more travel centers like shown in the screenshots in future updates.
    There are internet sites like “” which give detailed information about real truck stop locations across America. For safety reasons in reality, most truckers park up overnight at truck stop parking areas. It would be good if the major truck stop centers have at least one.

  40. Did anyone fall through the world between Fresno, CA & Tonopah, NV? I fell through on route 395.

    1. same

  41. dont know what map is this ….but is very borring……. the same forest and the same green land for hours….. AND ONE MORE THING…… I HATE HIGHWAYS…. if you make a map MAKE IT WITHOUT TO HURRY MAKE IT….. OK??? …..the map is borring…..

  42. fix this map!!!!!

  43. Reading all the issues and I haven’t seen one update to address any of them. Sorry if I missed it somewhere but I have been waiting for these to be addressed before I download.

  44. good day , friend please would like you convert this mod for ETS2 , it would be very good to have this mod in ETS2

  45. Reid Moore


  46. When+i+went+to+Carson+City,NV+i+fell+off+the+map

  47. cristiannarcis79

    How nice it would be if it would start building roads through Mexico and Cuba . It would be very nice to get a ferry from the US to Cuba :) <3 <3 :)

  48. Gatorbait

    Anyone notice that there are no speed limit signs anywhere? I’m not sure if that’s a bug in C2C or if MHAPro is doing it. I’m going to test. But if anyone else sees this but me let me know.

  49. problems with map zoom … can coast to coast v1.8 not get as full america map … update

  50. Please include mexucan map in pack and bring zoom fix if possible can bring in steam

  51. arrow5509

    i am having problems looking at the map it glitches and i cant look at the whole thing

  52. I cant zoom out and see the hole map! How do you fix it.?

  53. has+this+been+fixed?+or+how+do+you+fix+it?+im+new+to+this+game+lol+sorry

  54. slt

    ne marche pas pas avec la 1.4

  55. Same. I can’t see the whole map. I can still drive to areas but can’t see very much

  56. Good work on the+map,+can’t+wait+to+play+it.+One+question,+the+line-up/orientation+of+the+roads+and+cities+don’t+match+up+to+the+Map,+Houston+is+in+the+middle+of+the+Atlantic+for+example.


  57. My map won’t line up with the roads from the world map view and when selecting jobs.
    (I.e. Outline/background of states is way off to the south west but roads or way off to the north) Ive tried rearranging mods with no luck. Any advice is helpful.
    Mods: Coast to coast, real companies, low boy trailer pack, trailer pack by jazzy cat

  58. Did u add The state of Maine to this Mod????

  59. Samuel Kath

    em qual versão do jogo esse mapa é compatível?

    in which version of the game is this map compatible?

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