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Better Mountain Textures v 2.0

Date 2017-06-27 09:34

This mod for American Truck Simulator replaces textures for mountains that are used in most of the game’s map for a more realistic look. Enjoy!

Changelog v2.0:

– new texture for hills in the deserts in California (seen on route 395, from Carson City to Los Angeles)
– new texture for hills behind the trees seen on the road from Redding to Reno
– new texture for the snow mountain on the route 5 from Redding to Hornbrook
– new texture for the cliffs of Grand Canyon in the Grand Canyon Village
– some other minor environmental textures corrections

Important: I haven’t tested the mod on any map mods like Canadream, Viva Mexico, etc. (YET), but feel free to try for yourself! Tested on ATS version 1.6



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3 Responses to Better Mountain Textures v 2.0

  1. Zach

    Cool to see you’re still working on this! Also cool to see the snow at the top of the mountain.

  2. kasia

    Great mod. It would be useful to add a couple of cities and roads to this module.

    • Deputydawg

      You do realize the person is only improving mountains, not actually adding more to the map, right???

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